Seasons of Life

The Reflection of the Jewish Year in the Natural World
Rabbi Natan Slifkin

Seasons of Life (Published by Targum Press; available at and at

Seasons of Life explores how the elements of the Jewish year, including the festivals and the months, are reflected in the natural cycle of the seasons and the lives of plants and animals. Discover how the rain cycle charts the relationship between G-d and man. Learn how the bear parallels the power of Persia. Explore how the winter solstice can trigger both the forces of Ancient Greece and the first spark of Mashiach. It is a unique odyssey through the year that informs, stimulates, and inspires.

"This outstanding book provides a rare vision of the depth manifest in the physical dimensions of time and space when illuminated by the light of Torah. Understanding what is written here will forever change the reader's frame of reference within the natural world."
—Rabbi Akiva Tatz

Hardcover/ Published 2000 by Targum Press/ Distributed by Feldheim Publishers

The book is available at Jewish bookstores worldwide. It can also be ordered online at